Blood Donors Kerala, Kuwait Chapter

BLOOD DONORS KERALA is a voluntary blood donor's organization with services available throughout India and Middle East which brings together voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood onto a common platform.

Humble Beginning

Vinod Bhaskaran, a KSRTC bus conductor from Alappuzha, Kerala created a Facebook page by the name ‘We Help’ aimed at helping the poor and the destitute. It drew in many like-minded people, and before long, they were into blood donation. And then, it became the main service of the team, prompting the formation of an exclusive group called Blood Donors Kerala (BDK), which is driven by a group of youngsters and similar minded volunteers.

Kuwait Chapter

BDK Kuwait chapter from 20 May 2016, since its inception in Kuwait have donated around 200 Units of Blood and platelets to the Central Blood Bank through the Blood Drives and as responses to Emergency calls from the hospitals in Kuwait. Also, helping the other chapters of the fraternity to find donors for their cases by sharing the requests on the official pages, member’s FB walls as well as the WhatsApp groups.

BDK Kuwait team has around 2500 regular donors with various blood groups those are connected through WhatsApp groups and ready to donate periodically, anytime on call.
The Fraternity is registered under Embassy of India Kuwait as INDEMB/KWT/ASSN/334 in 2017. All our activities are under the patronage and guidance of Central Blood Bank Administration, Kuwait Red Crescent and Indian Doctors Forum.

BDK Kuwait Activities

Past Activities

BDK Kuwait chapter from May 2016, since its inception in Kuwait have donated around 2000 Units of Blood and platelets to the Central Blood Bank through the Blood Drives and as responses to Emergency calls from the hospitals in Kuwait.
Also, we are providing an average 50 units of Blood or platelets per month to the patients undergoing treatments in various Hospitals in the State of Kuwait.

BDK Kuwait

Present Activities

We are currently conducting an Intensive Awareness Program on Voluntary Blood Donation, among the public domain in Kuwait.
Through this campaign we are aiming to motivate people to donate blood and to urge donors to keep on donating blood on a regular basis and to inspire non-donors to start donating blood.

Highlights of Campaign

  • Awareness Programs for School Students
  • Awareness Programs for Social & Cultural Organizations
  • Information Booths & Data Collection in the Gatherings of Associations
  • Blood Donation Drives
  • Campaigns in various malls
  • Campaigns at Labour Camps
  • Cross-country Road Shows
  • Online promotion Using Social Media
  • Patronage of Central Blood Bank Administration
  • Partnering of Indian Doctors Forum


Blood transfusion is an indispensable component of health care. It contributes to saving millions of lives each year in both routine and emergency situations, permits increasingly complex medical and surgical interventions and dramatically improves the life expectancy and quality of life of patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Patients who require transfusion as part of their clinical management have the right to expect that sufficient blood will be available to meet their needs and to receive the safest blood possible. However, many patients still die or suffer unnecessarily because they do not have access to safe blood transfusion.

The timely availability of safe blood and blood products is essential in all health facilities in which transfusion is performed, but in many developing and transitional countries there is a widespread shortfall between blood requirements and blood supplies.

  • As a socially committed organization, we aim to promote voluntary blood donation to ensure 100% safe blood by 2020.
  • Provide information and guidance on the vital role of voluntary blood donors in assuring the availability of stable and sufficient supplies of safe blood for transfusion.
  • Educate, motivate and recruit new blood donors
  • Mobilize youth as a new generation of voluntary blood donors
  • Convert eligible family/replacement donors to voluntary blood donors
  • Recognize blood donors’ contribution to society
  • Develop communication strategies for donor education and community involvement

For those are interested to join our activities can be reached by email to mail@bdkkuwait.org or by WhatsApp or Call on +965-69997588.